Strategic Planning

More and more organizations are recognizing the value of creating a specific strategic plan for their DEIA efforts. SDI will partner with you to identify and engage key stakeholders, with the goal of brainstorming ideas, prioritizing goals, and communicating actionable initiatives in a final strategic plan. SDI will provide the necessary framework to ensure accessibility and model inclusion and equitable collaboration, while paying particular attention to positionality and power dynamics.

STEP 1: Project Planning

We work with your organization to develop a comprehensive approach for your DEIA strategic planning. This phase includes identification of – and outreach to – key stakeholders. It also includes creation of a timeline and communications plan that is open and transparent to nurture honesty and trust for the strategic planning process.

STEP 2: Team Engagement

SDI provides a foundational training workshop to level-set participants in DEIA strategic planning work. We then facilitate a 5-step strategic planning process with all stakeholders to gather insights and feedback. All outcomes are captured by SDI during sessions.

STEP 3: Developing and Executing the Plan

In collaboration with your team, SDI provides a final DEIA strategic plan with measurable outcomes and actionable goals. SDI can continue to partner with you on the implementation of your DEIA strategic plan initiatives.