What Service is Right for My Organization?

Driving meaningful change at your organization starts by choosing a service that suits your needs. No matter where you are on your journey, our team is committed to helping you address the unique challenges and opportunities you face. SDI can provide you with customized strategies to advance diversity, equity, inclusion, and access (DEIA) in every space. Using a collaborative approach, we can empower every member of your organization to feel seen, heard, and capable of reaching their full potential. Please click on each service option below for more information.

Climate Assessments/Audits

Improving DEIA begins by taking an in-depth, honest look at the current state of your organization. SDI uses climate assessments and audits to analyze workplace inclusiveness dynamics, so we can provide the expert perspective you need to move forward. Together, we can create practical solutions that drive positive change.

Training/Skill Building

SDI’s cutting-edge training and skill building is designed to meet you where you’re at. That means taking an empathetic approach to understanding your organization and providing a robust catalogue of practically focused, interactive workshops that will have the greatest impact for your constituents. No two sessions are exactly the same.

Strategic Planning

Every DEIA success story begins with planning. In order to help you make meaningful change, SDI can deliver a concrete roadmap with specific DEIA goals, tactics, and metrics. SDI co-creates your customized strategy with your leadership and constituents, resulting in a detailed, actionable plan.

Consulting and Coaching

Whether you need to set new goals, manage team performance, develop as a leader, or hire and retain top talent, we have the personalized consulting and coaching to move you forward. Our experience and expertise can help you identify challenges and barriers, develop solutions, and execute to achieve lasting change within your organization.

HR, People & Culture Support

Success at every organization begins with its people. Empowering each person requires careful planning that’s fine-tuned to fit the needs of your operations. SDI customizes HR, People & Culture Support services to include elements of the following four important focus areas. These categories are iterative, intertwined, and work together to help your organization nurture the development of its people. Together, they’re a comprehensive solution to support your staff.

  • Inclusive Employee Experience
  • Emotionally Intelligent Communication
  • Culture Transformation & Change Management
  • Leader & Manager/Supervisor Development