SooJin Pate, PhD


Consultant / Trainer

SooJin (she/her) is a professor, podcaster, and DEI consultant who is committed to creating antiracist spaces in every space she inhabits. She has devoted the past two decades to increasing workplace diversity, fostering inclusion, and embedding equity in policies and practices in order to level the playing field for those who have been historically left out. From conducting DEI training workshops or providing a keynote address for AAPI Month to assessing the culture and climate of an organization, SooJin brings passion and insight as she weaves a “DEI lens” in all that she does.

An alumna of Howard University and the University of Minnesota, she teaches courses on race and ethnic studies in the Twin Cities area. She was named Educator of the Year and Ally of the Year by Macalester College. She is the author of From Orphan to Adoptee: U.S. Empire and Genealogies of Korean Adoption (University of Minnesota Press), co-host of the Antiracist Parenting Podcast, and host of Decolonize Yourself.