Malinda Midkiff Headshot

Malinda Midkiff, PhD


DEIA Assessment and Audit Lead

Dr. Malinda R. Midkiff earned her BA at the University of Virginia, and her Master’s and doctorate in Cultural Anthropology with a concentration in race, gender, and social justice at American University. Her dissertation research focused on the transnational movement of Black American women and how their international journeys impacted their identities. Her academic training empowered her with a critical lens to unpack how categories of difference can operate to create unequal access to power, privilege and opportunity. Dr. Midkiff loves to explore how intersecting categories create complicated, nuanced, and often beautiful identities. As a cultural anthropologist with years of mixed methodology analysis experience, she brings a laser-focused skillset to our offerings. As a DEIA practitioner, Dr. Midkiff has written on the topic and provided leadership and strategic direction in multiple organizations. As an anti-racist and feminist practitioner, she is passionate about creating spaces where individuals can have meaningful dialogue about their experiences and cultivate authentic relationships that can lead to meaningful change.

Malinda and her husband Curtis are the proud parents of two young children, Carinne and Samuel. They live in Lincolnshire, IL. When not passionately involved in DEIJ work, Malinda enjoys offering in-depth cultural analyses of Bravo TV shows.