Kendra Okposo, JD


Consultant / Trainer

Kendra is a Director of Change & Transformation in the San Francisco office and co-leader of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion for North America at BTS.

With experience working in the professional services, insurance, manufacturing, telecom and travel industries, Kendra specializes in partnering with clients to co-create scalable and accessible change-ready solutions infused with equity and inclusion to drive strategic change initiatives. She also works with clients to co-create equity infused strategies and activation efforts to meet business outcomes.

Prior to BTS, Kendra practiced employment law and conducted internal investigations into employee misconduct. Kendra uses her unique background to identify and shift pivotal mindsets and behaviors, systems and policies, to support specific business outcomes and to design sustainable systems that support enterprise success.

From her own practice, Kendra also offers emotional and cultural intelligence, conflict resolution and mindfulness workshops and services to organizations and educational institutions.