Moving equity, diversity, and inclusion work forward will look different for every organization. 

Strategic Diversity Initiatives works with your organization's history, context, mission, and goals to deliver the most effective services. 

It's ok if you're not quite sure what is the best approach to take - that's why we're here. 

Contact us for an initial consultation about your needs and how we can help!

Diversity consulting group

Services we offer:

  • Training and Workshops (See titles here)

  • Facilitated Conversations 

  • Train-the-Trainer

  • Consulting

  • Coaching

  • Organizational Audits & Strategy

  • Diversity Plans

  • Diversity Committees

  • Leadership Development

  • Keynotes and Conference Presentations

I’ve heard you present before and am truly amazed with your ability to speak about difficult/uncomfortable topics with a wide range of people. Many times, these topics can make people shut down or get defensive, but your style and approach makes your audience more receptive and open to learning.

— School of Business Staff

Areas we work:

  • Corporate/Business

  • Nonprofit 

  • Government

  • Higher Education

  • K-12 Education

  • Healthcare

  • Faith-based

We have a support-staff member who’s been trying her hardest to attend as many of your trainings as possible. Each time, she comes back all excited to share what’s she’s learned and process it more. I know she will be working with our students in more and more skilled and thoughtful ways.

Your work is making a difference.
I see it every time she returns to the office with fire in her eyes.
— College Administrator