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Now More Than Ever: Why Leadership on Diversity & Inclusion Requires Emotional Intelligence

Strategic Diversity Initiatives partnered with the Los Angeles Public Library system to deliver this amazing workshop! Please click the button below to access the video.

At a Minneapolis museum, a tiny doll provokes a big conversation around race

Anne Phibbs was quoted in this article, published by the Star Tribune.

Beyond Diversity 101 workshop title slide

Beyond Diversity 101 - Micro-inequities, Implicit Bias, and Moving towards Equity

This one hour webinar was hosted by the University of Minnesota Alumni Association.  

Five Strategies For Building A Diverse And Inclusive Company

Anne Phibbs was quoted in this article, published by Forbes.

Understanding Disability In The Context Of Diversity & Inclusion

Anne Phibbs was interviewed for the Community Board Podcast, based out of the Mayo Clinic.