Strategic Diversity Initiatives will advance your organization’s equity, diversity, and inclusion efforts with an approach that is strategic and sustainable. 

 Too often, organizations attempt a piecemeal approach to their diversity and inclusion work, reacting to the particular need or crisis at the time.  This reactive approach fails to bring lasting change to the organization and its constituents. 

In contrast, Strategic Diversity Initiatives helps you create and implement a plan to move forward in ways that are comprehensive, enduring, and connected to your core mission. 

We support equity, diversity, and inclusion efforts with an array of services customized to meet your specific goals, including consultation, training, organizational audits, coaching, and leadership development. 

People smiling duiring a diversity workshop project
I absolutely love Anne’s facilitation. She brings a great deal of knowledge and expertise to the table. Through her delivery, she has her audience captivated, wanting to participate in what sometimes can be very uncomfortable conversations.
— Staff, Public Policy Program
I feel more connected to issues of social justice, equity, and diversity in the world. I feel more comfortable initiating those conversations, and I feel more obligation to be a part of solutions.

I have the language and the practice that I needed to be confident in participating in difficult conversations about equity and diversity.

— Participant in leadership program designed by Anne Phibbs